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Otom Consulting work with several companies in Brazil. We are present in day-to-day lives of millions of people providing security and stability in the traffic of their telecommunications.

One Team, One Mission

On our journey to connect the world and build the future, every member of our team plays a fundamental role. We are a professional and united team with a shared mission: to provide engineering and telecommunications solutions that exceed expectations. With dedication, professionalism, collaboration, and determination, we work together to achieve our clients’ goals and deliver exceptional results.



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We are not only seeking business transactions; we aim to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships for both parties, growing together over time.

About Otom

Otom is composed of a multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience in the Telecommunications and IT infrastructure market, both within and outside Brazil. We also develop businesses and activities in partnership with important entities in the sector that take a proactive stance in regulatory, oversight, and professional guidance actions, constantly seeking the development and improvement of the service sector.

The foundation of our business


To be the best partner and most strategic supplier of services and solutions in the telecommunications and technology market.


Empower our clients’ profits. Work diligently to surpass our clients’ needs and expectations. Understand our clients’ business and make their objectives our own.


Genuine respect for people. Attitude and stance of partnership and collaboration. Act with honesty regarding the company’s code of conduct and ethics and all applicable laws. Passion for the business and continuous pursuit of excellence and results.


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