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Otom started its activities in 2012 focusing on the outsourcing segment and the technology market. In 2016, it expanded its portfolio to include a new variety of managed professional engineering services (planning, projects, construction, implementation, installations, network expansion, and support) to also serve the telecommunications market while maintaining outsourcing and consulting services, offering the best solution to its clients and partners, whether they are small, medium, or large companies. Otom is composed of a multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience in the Telecommunications and IT infrastructure market, both within and outside Brazil. We also develop business and activities in partnership with important entities in the sector that take a proactive stance in regulatory, oversight, and professional guidance actions, constantly seeking the development and improvement of the service sector. This way, we promote security in all aspects of our services, offering expertise, agility, flexibility, and competitiveness while respecting the culture and values of each of our clients.


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