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Founded in 2012, Otom is a company which provides Outsourcing services and sell material, software and hardware to telecommunications market.

Based on a high efficient operational model, it enables us to work successfully in sow many important projects in all country, with more than 50 professionals.
Able to respect all customer needs, each particular demand and different culture we are always targeting high perfomance, best results at low cost and higher agility than ours competitors in this business.
In an action for business growth, this year we created a new department in our organization targeting increase services range and offer more business to our costumers. Consulting services, Technology services and Engineering services.


Two complete operational bases strategically located next to the main business centers in the country, and stations distributed across the four corners of the country and several points in Latin America.


To be recognized as the best partner and most strategic service and solution provider.

Achieve all tangible results through high level quality services with differentiated and efficient solutions on Telecommunication and Technology market.

Increase customer profit.

Work hard to surpass customer needs and desire.

Wide business view that allow us take over as ours all customer challenges and goals.

True respect to the person.

Posture and attitude of partnership and collaboration.

Act honestly and follow all rules covered by the conduct and ethics code. Respect all applicable and local laws.

Passion for this business and continuous efforts to improve excellence and better results.

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